The arrest of Maria Ressa is an act of media harassment CEO and founder Maria Ressa addresses the crowd during a protest rally against media repression in Quezon City last year. Photo by Bernice Beltran/PCP















We are not experts on the law, but it is only logical that no offense can be committed before it becomes an offense under the law.

That the Duterte administration chose to selectively apply the law to a media outfit that has been critical of its governance is an indication of the lengths it will go to silence criticism.

The Photojournalists’ Center of the Philippines stands by its colleagues in Rappler and other media outfits facing threats, harassment, and intimidation.

We call on media to fight for their right to freedom of expression and the public to defend their right to know.

We have shown during the Marcos dictatorship that only with press freedom can democracy be truly achieved.

Let us defend democracy!



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