6th PCP Professional Photojournalism Workshop – Agusuhin

Antionio and Erlinda Eda 69 and 70, are one of the many elders in the new Agusuhin Rellocation site. But unlike most elders in the site, they have already learned to accept their fate. Not that they don’t support the cause of the other elders but because of their advance age they have chosen to live their lives in the best way they can whatever the situation may be.

Antonio and Erlinda built a mini “compound” where their family can be close to each other. Having lost their old livelihood which was fishing after their old house was demolished, they make the most out of it by adapting to their new environment. Antonio began making charcoal which they sell and use for their daily needs. While Erlinda takes care of the household chores while providing decent meals for her children and grandchildren.

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