7th PCP Professional Photojournalism Workshop – “The Lost Dream”

Multimedia Presentation by Jennifer  Lie,  Participant,  7th PCP Professional Photojournalism Workshop

When we were a kid; our parents, teachers and relatives always posted a question: “What is your dream when you grow up?” That’s why, unconsciously we are “trained” to have dreams.

Today, as a woman, I understand that to dream is to have hope for better future. Once, Anthony Giddens, a sociologist said that some people love to dream because they want to be disembodied with the reality. Life is too hard for them, thus they want to experience nice “reality” and they dream.

That background inspired me to do this story. If for some people, to dream is to escape from reality; then what about these people?

As a seasonal farmer in Nasugbu, Batangas City; day-by-day Nelson has to think about his family needs. Do they have enough food today? Can I support my children to go to college? What work that I should do today? With those basic needs that he has to fulfill; does he still have dream? Is there hope for better tomorrow?

Jennifer Lie
November 2012

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