7th PCP Professional Photojournalism Workshop – “Sugar Farm Vignettes”

Photos and Text by Lj Pasion, Participant,  7th PCP Professional  Photojournalism  Workshop

Barangay Bulihan is one of four barangays that comprise Hacienda Looc in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is home to several sugarcane plantations. Farmers here work everyday under the heat of the sun, harvesting sugarcane stalks for an average of 50 pesos per day. It is their only means of making a living.

But the farmers are in danger of losing these lands to real estate developers, who want to build resorts and golf courses over their farms. Despite reportedly being harassed to leave their lands, the farmers stood their ground and continued their daily work.

This story hopes to give a glimpse on these farmers’ lives in the field.

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